10 Things That Instantly Make You Look Stylish

Stylish is more of a mindset than a prescribed set of clothes. It is more about styling yourself than dressing yourself and it’s definitely more about paying attention to the small things than spending a small fortune. 

Tina, Founder of BagButler
  1. Monochrome Dressing

Monochrome outfits are guaranteed to have you looking stylish in seconds. As we head into autumn 2021 all the camels and caramels are taking centre stage and always look stylishly en pointe and luxe. For a failsafe option, head to toe black is much loved by the fashion pack and for real instant standout style how about red on red? 

2. Good Posture 

A slumped, hunched posture does not make a stylish silhouette however great the outfit. 

3. Freshly Washed and Styled Hair 

An inexpensive style fix that has us feeling like a million dollars. Should you need convincing, just imagine the world’s most stylish women with dirty hair. Ditto clean and short neatly manicured nails are a must. If being stylish is your aim then the devil is in the detail. No excuses! 

4. Clothes That Fit Perfectly  

Clothes that are too big, too long, too short, or too small will never have you putting your best foot forward. It is worth getting garments altered and donating those that will never fit someone else. 

5. Adopt The Rental Habit 

The rental revolution in fashion is here to stay and it’s not all about special occasions and evening attire. Use fashion rental as part of your everyday look and instead of splurging on high street purchases use the money to rent something from your favourite brand for a few weeks at a time. Think of it as styling yourself and enjoy the process rather than merely getting dressed. 

6. A Proper Coat  

A camel coloured winter coat, a trench coat, or preferably both really are the timeless style staples that every fashion editor says they are. Buy well and you won’t regret it, look after it properly and you’ll have it there ready to wear year after year. Do the shoulder drape to achieve the instant grown-up uber style. 

7. A Leather Bag 

A good quality leather bag that is not showing signs of wear and is the right size and shape for the job makes any ensemble look that little bit more pulled together and stylish. In the evening a silk clutch is a glamorous finishing touch in a way that just making do with your day bag can never be. As Christian Dior said, “…like all your garments, your bag deserves your attention.” 

8. A Watch or a A Piece of Jewellery 

A confident and bold piece of jewellery or a watch is like a full stop at the end of a sentence. It is a small thing that makes a lot of difference. Access some great pieces by going for rental over ownership and when you want to switch things up return and repeat the process knowing that enjoying fashion sustainably is a style statement in itself! 

7. Make Up

Luckily the contouring and highlighting trend is on the wane but in truth did it ever look what we would truly define as stylish? On the other hand, there is evidence to suggest that subtle and well applied make up gives those that wear it the advantage in the style stakes. 

7. A Smile 


Style yourself happy! A natural smile costs nothing and outshines everything. 

Happy styling!

Tina x 

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