5 Must-Have Items To Achieve An Elegant Look All Year Round

Are you someone who has a wardrobe switch around in autumn? I am.

As the days get shorter, I like to hibernate the summer things and rediscover those warmer, often darker pieces, that have been hiding all summer. I will have forgotten what I have packed away and then have the pleasure of the “new” as the seasons change. No shopping trip is required and thus another little route into re-enjoying what is already owned because, as we all know, the most sustainable garments are the ones we already have.

Methodical to the point of ritualistic, my seasonal switcheroos take place in May and October. I like to make sure clothing and shoes are clean and that bags have been emptied and are padded to maintain shape before I then stow it all in three large canvas boxes.

Certain items are never relegated to storage as their wearability is trans-seasonal. These are those pieces that are as good in high summer as they are in deep midwinter.  

Here are my favourite 5 all-season fashion friends!

  • A fine cashmere crewneck is a luxe layer when it is cold and a ‘just in case’ necessity in an English summer or for a cooler evening on holiday. 
Cashmere crewneck
PC: Dior
  • A white blazer draped around the shoulders over a summer dress will morph merrily into a winter party piece with a silk cami and leather trousers. 
  • The perfect all-season, all day and night bag is neither black nor white. Mid grey is my absolute January to December all time favourite bag colour. Over the winter, any black and white outfit looks more joined up and elegant when accessorized with a grey bag and camel and grey always communicate style. In the warmer days a grey bag is an easy uplift for florals and pastels and I also like it with neon. 
  • High as you dare black sandals should always be within toes reach as although not for every day, they are definitely for all the seasons. I have a new pair. I have worn them to a summer graduation and I will wear them on New Year’s Eve. I aim to wear them for ten years without them needing any seasonal sabbaticals. 
Dior black heeled sandals
PC: Dior
  • I love jewellery and how it can elevate the simplest of looks. I will store away fine chains which are great on summer skin but are less interesting come winter when bolder things such as statement earrings are more party appropriate. Bracelets though are another story and as a true transeasonal piece I would definitely select a bracelet. Less insta friendly than a necklace and thereby perhaps underrated. However, photos are never real life and with a bracelet the point is you can see and admire it just for yourself, while you are typing, driving and whatever else. The gold bead Chanel bracelet we have at BagButler just makes me happy and who doesn’t want that whatever the season? 

That’s everything that I think you need. I hope these all-year-round wardrobe-essentials help you with your daily routine.

Tina x

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