5 Ways To Make Like A Celestial Being And Sparkle Through #lockdown2

If like us you are determined to sparkle and shine your way through our second national lockdown we hope you will enjoy these five suggestions. 

  1. Allow yourself to be star struck 

Let’s go outside! Take inspiration from the clear night skies, wrap up warm and enjoy some stargazing. It is fun, it is free and it is dazzlingly beautiful. To take it a step further download the Star Walk app from  Google Play Store, or Apple here for the lowdown on the stars visible from your location. 

  1. From stars to spas 

Perfect spa nights require perfect products and ilapothecary has our vote this winter. Who wouldn’t be tempted by the idea of a soak in a magnesium and amethyst bath? 

Credit – ilapothecary.com
  1. Serve up like it matters because actually it does! 

We can’t go out to eat but we can make #stayhome meals special. 

Candlelight beats bright light every day of the week and makes any meal into an occasion. And while we are at it, best dishes and glasses are definitely required because if not now then when? 

Credit – @thewhitecompany
  1. Dazzle while you dine 

Earrings and necklaces earn their keep at the table and for maximum glittering glamour, the BagButler Miu Miu crystal necklace will twinkle stylishly in the candlelight. (Please note all rentals are quarantined for 48 hours and sanitised twice before dispatch and again on receipt). What we wear does affect how we feel and how we feel affects how we behave. Wearing fabulous jewellery is a really quick and low effort mood booster.  

Credit – Paloma Faith on The VoiceKidsUK
  1. Shine a light on a good cause 

Foodbanks and homeless charities need our help and donations now more than ever and if you are reading this then it is very likely you are able to donate products to bring just the smallest sparkle to someone else’s life. Pasta, it seems, is always oversupplied so we will be providing our local food bank with baby products and bathroom supplies along with some more indulgent Christmas goodies and some pet food. 

Credit – trusselltrust.org

Not all of our furry friends are as lucky as our canine companion Pippa and we like to think she would want to contribute to this sadly vital cause. 

Credit – BagButler.co.uk

Warm Wishes,

Tina x

PS You are never fully dressed without a smile or sustainably dressed without a BagButler rental. 

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