6 simple steps to break up with fast fashion

Stacey Solomon, we’re not! But we reckon we can help sort your life out just a bit by helping you break up with fast fashion…and give you more space.

Having been glued to Sort Your Life Out and enamoured with Stacey Solomon and her dream team we thought we would offer a little advice that might go some way to lessening the quantity of clothing you own whilst helping towards a more sustainable approach to fashion. We have gone for the short sharp shock approach with these six simple tips to help you own less but wear it more.

1. Do not go shopping…. online or in person!
This is especially relevant during sale season as you are more likely to buy something on a whim.

2. Do not, by any method whatsoever, acquire anything new. No spending gift vouchers just yet and no swapping clothes with friends. It is not necessarily about reducing spending but the constant acquisition of new garments.

3. Assess what you already own and wear some of those pieces that haven’t seen the light of day for a while. No need to be judgemental here as the most sustainable clothing is always what we already have. So, if you do have items that in retrospect are inexpensive, poorly made, landfill fodder wear them and enjoy them. After all, you must have liked them once?!

4. During the period of abstinence you may discover clothes you would like to pass on. Part of breaking up with fast fashion is knowing how to responsibly move on to the things we no longer need. This is not always the local charity shop as really cheap poorly made clothes don’t sell well and end up having to be sent on somewhere else. Fabric recycling schemes can be useful but best of all try to find someone else who will actually wear the garment. Extending the life of fashion whatever its origin or original selling price is always the most important factor.

5. When you are ready to shop go cautiously and perhaps even with a list as advised when food shopping. Personally, I try to buy nothing I can see an end life for. I have to have a very good idea that I am going to want to own whatever it is for a long time and if not then I need to know that it is desirable enough to be resold or to be given to someone else who will re-wear it and then pass it on again and again.

6. Lastly, when you feel the need to have something new for a particular event such as a wedding instead of buying why not rent and return? That is exactly what I will be doing when I look for outfits for the three summer weddings I am looking forward to attending this year.

Sorry, we can’t sort your life out in its entirety (or even our own) but hopefully, these simple steps will have you enjoying fashion more than ever before.

Warm wishes,

Tina x

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