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Accessorising an asymmetric neckline in 4 bossy steps

Asymmetric necklines are in and not just for event-style dressing. Single-shouldered casual tops, gym gear and swimwear are the order of the day and hugely welcome in the recent heatwave. We have welcomed literally any abbreviations to our outfits if it means wearing less fabric without compromising on style.

Hailey Bieber Luxes Up Her Gym Gear with an asymmetric Khakhi crop top

At an accessory fitting recently with a client we had great fun choosing jewellery to compliment an utterly fabulous dress with a dramatic asymmetric shoulder line. She intended to rent a variety of necklaces and chokers for several upcoming events. However, none of the necklaces, whatever the length or style worked with the neckline of the dress. Instead of the asymmetry being elegant and chic the addition of a necklace made the whole thing look awkward and lopsided. (Not the look we were after!)

That’s when I realised – the rules on accessorising an asymmetric neckline should be simple and can be boiled down to just 4 points…Please note they do get bossy!


  • Do not wear a necklace. It confuses the eye and detracts from the look.
  • Focus on the earrings as we did. Our long Chanel earrings add so much panache to an elegant single-shouldered dress. Think roman goddess and you are on the right lines.
  • Wristwear is optional. A matching pair of cuffs (one on each wrist) might work really well and as with the earrings add just enough symmetry back in so as to keep things easy on our symmetry-loving eyes. Alternatively, if a single bracelet is to be worn for preference and balance this should be on the opposite side to the covered shoulder.
  • No shoulder bags or cross-body styles. We love our Chanel mini flaps as much as our clients but not with anything resembling a toga…not on our watch. This would appear confusing and actually a bit sloppy. A handheld clutch fits the bill perfectly and our current favourite is our teeny tiny Black Chanel. And which hand should you hold it in? The one with the bare shoulder, naturally.
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