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An Anatomy Of The Queen’s Fashion On Her Platinum Jubilee

“If I wore beige, nobody would know who I am.”

Her Majesty the Queen

The Queen, in her own words, has to be ‘seen to be believed’ and of course, this is why she mostly chooses to wear such vivid colours. As her Platinum Jubilee approaches, we are hoping to see plenty of celebratory shades such as the vibrant Stuart Parvin yellow hat and coat ensemble worn by Her Majesty to open the Elizabeth Line on May 17th.

The Queen’s love of the bold and bright has led her to become quite the style influencer. This impact is evidenced by the recent surge in popularity of vivid dopamine shades as worn frequently by the Queen in recent years. Lime green, in particular, was everywhere to be seen following Trooping the Colour in 2016 and is a colour worn by the Queen many times since including at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Primary, paintbox shades and highlighter neons could edge towards (dare we say it?) gawdy? Not regal even. But, and it is a big but, there is a method at play here which has been meticulously deployed by Angela Kelly since she began designing for and dressing the Queen in 2002.

Studying the Queen’s style, we have narrowed the formula down to these 5 simple repeatable steps which keep the look both real and regal, commanding and chic without the merest hint of party entertainer.


Solid block colours are easy on the eye and keep the queen visible in a crowd and from a distance. When patterns are worn, they are either on a dress under a coat or when the Queen is ‘at home’ and thus do not need the high vis look.


Matching the hat to the coat gives a head-to-toe finesse that adds height to Her Majesty’s petite frame. A single column of colour, as we know, elongates the silhouette.


The Queen loves her Launer handbags and her black patent shoes and is rarely seen with anything different. The Queen uses these on repeat because it is comfortable for her to do so. In terms of style though, the black shoes and handbag worn with an outfit of any hue provide solid punctuation points and set a business-like and authoritative tone.


We instantly recognize the format of the Queen’s jewellery as being her signature style. There is always a brooch worn high up on the left shoulder and always a pearl necklace and pearl earrings.


Little is known about the cosmetics the queen uses, however brands holding the Royal Warrant include Boots, Elizabeth Arden and Clarins. Whichever shades or finishes are favoured by the Queen the look always adheres to a simple regime; powder, blusher, bold lipstick and no coloured nail varnish…Ever!

For more than 70 years now, the Queen has made sartorial choices that have helped shape our modern idea of a monarch. When spectacle is called for, the gowns have echoed history and the ages and when seeking to dazzle during a world tour the Queen has adopted her own brand of Hollywood glamour.

In 2022 for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations the Queen will undoubtedly dazzle the world and make her feelings known through her clothing choices. Whatever she does choose to wear and wherever she goes the Queen carries herself with aplomb always looking at ease.

Such confidence in her appearance is probably partly why she has the reputation of putting everyone lucky enough to meet her at ease too. That and her joyful beaming smile...

Warm wishes,

Tina x

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