An Open Letter – Gratitude during crisis

Underpinning that sense of gratitude is the humbling knowledge that we owe so much to so many. The last few weeks have felt that way to me and I am sure many of you feel the same.

This is a personal gratitude list but hopefully some of it will resonate with you! First up some of the biggies:

The NHS. Where would any of us be without this enormous team of professionals who step up every day to care for us all either directly or indirectly? A rhetorical question since the answer does not bare examination. The scenes of neighbourhoods clapping together are hopefully creating some feel-good moments for everyone to mentally plug into but how about making this personal? Do you know anyone working for this ‘envy of the world’ institution? How about sending them an individual thank you note through the post? And don’t forget the dentists and opticians who, unable to see us except in emergency situations are nonetheless at the end of the phone to advise and help in whatever way they can.

The Postal Service.  Every day our postman arrives with a smile on his face. Whatever your post person brings it is an amazing service that connects us all. There is something wonderful about receiving a proper letter or card in the post and whilst in lock down those birthday/anniversary/thank you cards are even more meaningful. We sometimes use the Royal Mail to courier our parcels and along with DPD they are a vital link in our luxury rental service. Business at the moment is obviously very different as there are no events to send our designer bags and accessories to but we have been able to remain open because of those essential delivery services.

Refuse and recycling collections.  We have been clearing out old papers and magazines and are so grateful for the order this has bestowed in our workplace and home. How satisfying it is to bag this up in biodegradable bags ready for the weekly recycling collection. The refuse collection teams are always on our list of unsung heroes and by keeping our bins empty, they are also helping to keep us safe and well. Along with postal workers, they are often the first to notice if something is not quite right at an elderly resident’s home and the kindly amongst them have often been the ones to raise the alarm if necessary.

Some small comforts we are loving right now.

Pukka Teas – Have you tried the “Feel New” flavour? A blend containing aniseed, fennel and cardamom which tastes comforting and cleansing. Having been languishing in the cupboard behind those all singing all dancing coffee capsules, there is something about this blend that chimes in with the moment.

Walkactive – A daily walk is a must and a real pleasure in the wonderful weather we’ve been having. To make the most of your 30 mins outside please check out Joanna Hall’s method of walking that makes every step really count. Scientifically proven and created by sports scientist Joanna, this is a wellbeing must we are very grateful for.

Bare Biology – Supplier of the purist omega-3 fish oils and collagen. Part of our daily routine and a pleasure to discover they are still delivering. Thank you.

Chiltern Bookshops – Based in Chorleywood and Gerrards Cross, this independent bookseller is our favourite and although closed they are still mailing books, recommending books and just doing everything they can to continue serving their very loyal customers and friends. Thank you, Sheryl and Martin.

Eleven of our favourite bloggers who we are grateful to for always giving great content.

@monchanvre – thank you for always styling our things so elegantly. It’s a pleasure to work with you and to have got to know you. More champagne when this is over?

@helenamorrissey – a new discovery but a goodie. Amazing inspiration across the career, family and fashion spectrums.

@ultrasophisticate – you are such a professional and so consistent in all that you do. We happen to know you are bright and generous too.

@saraviktoire – you were one of our first bloggers and we are fond of you. The images you did for us are still among our favourites. We love your intelligence, honesty and euro chic look.

@theeditbutton – thank you for providing us with your edits and showing us your sense of humour along with all your beauty and health tips.

@thehealthyhabitscoach – working with you is an aspiration of ours. Until then thank you for all your wonderful recipes and your engaging stories.

@florriealexander – Your edits are perfect in every detail and your posts are always considered. Condé Nast is very lucky to have you. Thank you for featuring us and loving bags as much as we do.

@savingthegrace – Thank you for your encouragement and the example you set us all. Also, that body scrub you showed us is a thing of joy and your smile is infectious.

@fleurandrea – Andrea you are so talented. One day we must get you to paint for us. Your content is so varied, always entertaining and stylish.

@venswifestyle – Uber styling at its finest. We love your images and are honoured to have worked with you during PFW.

And finally my gratitude list wouldn’t  be complete without this one;

@meralidigital – Our digital marketing agency. Patient, supportive and creative and still working at full speed to help BagButler amongst others weather this storm. You are brilliant. We are so pleased to be working with you.

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