Auto Attraction

This week we were thinking... Wouldn’t it be fun to hook up some of our bags with their perfect car partner and imagine where the match might take you?

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière + Morris Minor Convertible = Antique Hunting in the Sunshine

There’s plenty of room in the Speedy to stash a road trip snack and with the car roof down - the perfect excuse to channel your inner silk scarf wearing Grace Kelly - there’s space to transport old masters and priceless vases aplenty!

Strathberry East West Stylist in Slate + Tesla Model S = Sunday Lunch with the Future In–Laws

Intelligent, economical, sleek and elegant – and that's before they’ve even spotted the car. This is a duo which says ‘I’ve arrived’ in the most polished of ways. You no longer need fear running out of things to say, as a Strathberry and Tesla speak for themselves.

Roger Vivier Pilgrim Clutch with Pendant Pearls + Alfa Romeo Spider = Award Ceremony Arrival

Roger Vivier clutch bags are a regular on the red carpet. Partnered with the Spider – the perfect car for those stylish arrivals and speedy after dark departures - this combination screams old Hollywood glamour and will undeniably impress.

Chanel Pyramid + Iconic New York Yellow Taxi = Pre Dinner Party Dash to Magnolia Bakery for the Perfect Hostess Gift

In a sea of mundane the Chanel Pyramid is the attention-grabbing bag you need. Hailing a cab has never been so easy or fashionable.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s one dozen chocolate flourless cupcakes!

Mini Lady Dior in White + Jaguar Mk. II = The Perfect Wedding

Is there a more distinguished way to arrive at your wedding? We think not. The Jaguar Mk. II and mini Lady Dior bag in white are the perfect couple, timeless, dreamy and forever.

In our next blog we will be matching bags and music. We are looking forward to that one!

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