Black Friday PSA

Welcome to this week’s blog post which is a little different to the others. Since Black Friday has arrived, a couple of articles have caught my attention this month and it would be rude not to share…

The first was in the New Scientist and highlights an exhibition at The Design Centre called Waste Age. The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness about how we rely on plundering the planet for the materials to fuel our lifestyles and to shine a bright light on a different world where everything is reused and recycled.

One of the facts quoted was the average European discards 11 kilograms of textiles per year of which 87% ends up in landfills. Presumably, each and every one of these garments seemed like a good idea at the time but for how long?

We all know mindless buying and chucking has to stop which leads nicely into the second article which was in Vogue, Author Ann Patchett shares her wonderful insights into how not shopping for anything for a year impacted her views on needs and wants. It is a good read and I recommend it. Definitely, the most efficient way to break up with fast fashion or even fashion.

At BagButler, we offer the rental model as a part solution to over shopping. During a conversation the other day I was asked about any possible downsides to renting and the truth is I can only think of positives. Our mantra is ‘it makes sense to rent’ because it just does! As a business and (personally too) we never purchase anything without a thought as to where it will ultimately end up. We only choose items we know will last long after we have stopped using them as rentals and we sell our ex-rentals to customers who will love them and hopefully in turn pass them on in due course.

Longevity also dictates the styles we choose and is the reason why we reject others even though we may love them when we first see them. Nothing is purchased as a passing whim, and we are very particular about the construction of all the Bagbutler inventory. In other words, it has to be built to last but also to have a sustainable design.

The Lady Dior bags is a very good example of this, and it is why we have chosen this blue beauty to add to our collection. The Dior My ABC along with our other timeless pieces is available to rent now and will be cherished for perpetuity if I have anything to do with it.

Warm wishes,

Tina x

PS We have just launched Bagbutler Gift Cards which are a perfect way to introduce friends to fashion rental and a way to reduce waste this gifting season.

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