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One of the many reasons I love my job is that when our customers rent from us it is nearly always for a happy reason...

Naturally, I don’t always know where all our rentals get to as some customers rent straight from the site and then return without any need or desire for contact. However, as we offer high standards of customer care I do often speak directly with clients and love to do so as I get to hear exactly why they are renting. Recently it has been a very happy and heady mix of weddings and graduations that have dominated the reasons why our handbags and accessories are being boxed and couriered to addresses up and down the country. As one customer put it today, ‘these images are going to last forever so they need to look good.’ 

Most recently our most in-demand items have included our go anywhere gold top handled Chanel bag and our warm white mini, Lady Dior bag both of them perfect for graduations and weddings alike. 

On the subject of special events, we understand that clients need assurance that the item they require is available for their chosen dates. We have always offered a calendar booking system and I am pleased to say that this has come into its own now events are in full swing. I wanted clients to be able to easily check and see at a glance if a product is available and for those forward planners amongst you (not me!) bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance. We aim to make the rental process as easy as possible and will always listen to feedback about our systems. 

As well as the handbags jewellery is also proving popular. To augment our closely curated inventory a little, I recently added two new jewellery pieces. 

I loved this little Chanel bracelet so much I just had to add it to the collection and I confess I have borrowed it myself a few times. There is a necklace available too which I am thinking about purchasing for BagButler customers. 

And these clip-on Chanel earrings! Who wouldn’t want to wear these for a special event! Earrings are quite a popular rental item and these are my new favourite BagButler rental pieces. Just as a note of reassurance, all items are meticulously cleaned and sanitised twice between rentals, when they come back and again before they go out. I think these would be wonderful with a very simple column bridal gown but then again, I can also see them with jeans and heels! 

All you stylists out there, let us know in the comment section below – how would you wear them? 

As well as the product updates etc my real message in this jotting is to say that we are happy to help and speak directly with our customers and to go that extra mile in delivering a stand out service. Some of our products are also available with our friends over on MyWardrobeHQ where we have been a partner business since we both launched in 2019. This works really well for customers who like to rent clothes and accessories from the same website and for this reason we are soon going to be available on ByRotation. These partnerships are amazing as we are all passionate about fashion, style and reducing waste. I am certain that whatever the occasion be it a wedding, a graduation or film premier you will always find the perfect look by renting and feel really good about it too! 

Wishing you sunshine with your rentals ☀️

Tina x 

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