This year BagButler is partnering with the UK charity Against Breast Cancer(ABC), a cause close to our hearts and to those of many of our supporters. ABC works with expert scientists and funds research into new treatments to reduce the recurrence and secondary spread of breast cancer, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths.

Our Pledge

This year BagButler will donate 5% of profits to Against Breast Cancer and support its bra recycling scheme.

Bra Recycling

Bra recycling helps raise funds for ABC and reduces the number of unloved or unwanted bras going into landfill while also providing employment in developing countries such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya.

BagButler invites customers to send old or unwanted clean bras back in the return box along with their rental return. We will then collect these and forward them onto Against Breast Cancer who receive £700/tonne for bras collected.

It's a Win Win

It is estimated that in the UK the average woman has 16 bras but only wears 6 of them. We’d love those surplus bras taking up room in your drawers to hitch a ride in our return boxes. It’s a win win way of supporting this important and worthwhile cause.

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