A look back at Dior’s new look & our two favourite Dior bags 

Dior’s New Look & Our Two Favourite Dior Bags 

Christian Dior opened his fashion house in France in 1946 and in 1947 launched the now iconic collection known as ‘the new look’.  Dior’s new look collection had influences from the fashion of the ‘La Belle Epoque’ period in France (1880 – 1914) which was typified by dresses with billowing skirts. Dior used this concept in his designs for ‘the new look’ which contrasted dramatically with fashion before 1947.  

Christian Dior is one of the most important couturiers of the 20th century.

The use of influence from a past era helped to promote Dior as both a respected fashion house and Dior himself as a designer. This initial collection primed the fashion house for the success and popularity that it still maintains today.  

Dior's new look created in 1967 by Marc Bohan, the Dior oblique pattern remains synonymous with heritage and know-how.
Dior's new look created in 1967 by Marc Bohan, the Dior oblique pattern remains synonymous with heritage and know-how.

Dior Handbags

Dior didn’t start producing leather handbags until after Christian Dior’s sudden death in 1957. Marc Bohan, as creative director, became a key part of the Dior handbag line that we know and continue to love today. Significantly, Bohan was the creator of the Dior Oblique monogram design which still adorns bags, clothing and other accessories in current ranges. This print was first shown in the 1969 spring collection on a boxy leather bag and more recently has been used on the new Bobby bag as well as on cushions and throws. 

Iconic Dior Bags

Dior's new look and Princess Diana

The ‘Lady Dior’ bag is the most coveted and loved of all the Dior bags. Gifted to Lady Diana in 1995 by Gianfranco Ferré, the then director of Dior, the elegant top handle handbag became an instant hit. The bag features charms, spelling out D.I.O.R, which pay tribute to the many superstitions held by Dior. Now a permanent fixture within the fashion house the Lady Dior bag is offered in a variety of colours and sizes.  

Dior's new look and Carrie Bradshaw’s Best Handbags Never Go Out Of Style

The ‘Saddle’ bag accredited to John Galliano in 1999, took the turn of the millennium by storm. Notably seen styled by Carrie Bradshaw, the unusual shape made the bag the ‘It bag’ of its time. Eventually discontinued, the saddle bag made a reappearance in 2018 brought back by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Since then, the bag has become increasingly popular and a staple item to accessorise many outfits in its many iterations both casual and formal. 

The house of Dior will forever be adored and will continue to shape the world of fashion, as well as produce handbags to stock the Bagbutler shelves.  

We would love to know which is your favourite Dior bag and in which colour. Our own two are the Lady Dior bag in amaranth and the Mini Saddle in green velvet which are both perfect shades to greet the autumn when it arrives. 


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