Chanel names Whitney Peak as new face of Coco Mademoiselle

Elevate Your Style with BagButler: Perfect Perfume Pairings

Discover the art of enhancing your style through the exquisite fusion of handbags and fragrances. Just as the right wine complements a fine dish, the perfect perfume can elevate your fashion statement. At BagButler, we’ve curated sensational pairings that not only define sophistication but also resonate with individual personalities.

1. Timeless Elegance: Chanel Classic Flap in Red or Black Caviar + Chanel No 5

Achieve an everlasting allure with the timeless combination of a Chanel classic flap in red or black caviar paired with the iconic Chanel No 5. This blend exudes sophistication and elegance, making it an unrivalled choice for those who appreciate the classics.

2. Romantic Femininity: Mini Lady Dior Bag in Latte White + Miss Dior

For a touch of romantic femininity, pair the mini Lady Dior bag in latte white with the enchanting aroma of Miss Dior. This combination is a match made in fashion heaven, consistently captivating brides and those who appreciate a hint of whimsical romance.

3. Modern Chic: Chanel Gold Top Handle Coco Handbag + Coco Mademoiselle

Embrace vibrant modernity and confident chic with the combination of the Chanel gold top handle Coco handbag and Coco Mademoiselle. This blend offers a perfect balance of contemporary flair and timeless elegance, making a bold fashion statement.

4. Unisex Edge: Black Dior Saddle Bag in Black Ultra Matte + Sauvage

For the unisex and powerful fashionistas, the pairing of the black Dior saddle bag in black ultra matte with Sauvage creates an irreverent, dynamic, and slightly rock-and-roll wild essence. Make a statement that defies traditional norms with this edgy combination.

5. Springtime Sensation: Chanel Mini Flap in Lilac + Christalle

Break the seasonal norms with the Chanel mini flap in lilac combined with the subtle charm of Christalle. Transport yourself to a spring morning with this unique fragrance, beautifully complementing the lilac hue, even in the winter months.

6. Green Elegance: Green Velvet Saddle Bag + Diorissimo

Experience the epitome of freshness and vibrancy with the green velvet saddle bag paired with Diorissimo. This combination is a harmonious blend of fresh, bright, and very green tones, capturing the essence of natural beauty.

Do you switch fragrances based on your mood, attire, or the time of day? Share your fragrance preferences with us. Whether you’re a versatile fragrance enthusiast or a signature scent aficionado, let us know your style! As Christmas approaches, consider gifting perfume with both fragrance and style in mind.

Fragrant wishes,

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