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Late to the zoom party?

Want to look better on screen? Read on for the BagButler top tips to get your Zoom glow on.

Who even knew until a few weeks ago that our on screen appearance would be so important to so many of us whether for business or pleasure? From personal experience and a bit of research here are our 9 steps to looking your best on Zoom.

1. Anyone who knows anything about looking good on camera will tell you that the right lighting is paramount. Try to ensure you are facing towards natural light. Facing away from the light makes even the most vibrant amongst us appear tired and haggard. Not the look we are going for. If by necessity you are in a windowless room the next best option is to use a lamp and position it behind your screen and in front of your face.

2. Look directly at your webcam. This is where your focus should be. Put your laptop on top of some books to elevate it slightly so you are looking up just a little which will avoid a double chin.

3. Adopt and maintain good posture. Poor posture is not only aging it detracts from a confident and professional demeanour. Plus it’s bad for your back. Use a lumbar support or a rolled up hand towel in the small of your back to assist with this.

Make up. Keep it simple.

4. Tinted moisturiser rather than a full on foundation seems to be the best make up option.  It works to even out skin tone more naturally on screen without the feature flattening effects of foundation or the necessity of contouring. Follow with a light dusting of translucent powder to reduce shine.

5. Wear mascara for its eye opening effect. Boots have reported a huge increase in online sales of this make up bag staple and we know why.

Complicated eyes are out, too much like hard work. A coat or two of a good mascara and hey presto you look awake and fresh.

6. As with mascara, lipstick helps avoid the featureless look and a shade one step up from your basic neutral works best. Again, full on and fancy is not the idea here.

7. Keep your clothes and background quite plain. Patterns are distracting as any newsreader knows so basic tops are best. Also, sitting against a pale and plain background is good. No one wants to see a pile of washing up or conversely your artfully arranged prized collection of puppy posters!

8. And if your “meeting” is social/romantic rather than professional our BagButler top tip is to follow all the above advice and then add an accessory such as a necklace or pair of earrings

Our date night dangly pink Givenchy earrings could be just the thing for your next dress up and Zoom social. What more would you need?

9. Finally and what a relief to be able to say this “don’t try too hard”. After all everyone knows you are at home. Relaxed and focused is the name of the game.

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