Handbag Attachments (Part 2)

Do you have a bag that means something to you? Was it a gift? Did you buy it yourself to celebrate a special event? Or is there a bag that belonged to someone else that you in some way feel attached to? 

We are collecting these stories and would love to feature some in a future Thursday blog.

Last week I told you my handbag story and this week we are handing over to a few of our favourite bloggers. Here are some of their Handbag Attachments……  

“….what comes to mind is a YSL bag I bought some 8 years ago when I needed something for a black tie event. While browsing at Selfridges, I came across the most gorgeous black leather box clutch with gold hardware which I instantly fell in love with. It’s so sleek and elegant and such a timeless piece that goes with everything and complements an outfit without overtaking it. I still have it to this day and it’s the perfect evening accessory….” – @katetik

“….my absolute favourite handbag is my Givenchy black shopper bag. It’s oversized and is made from the softest black leather so has a slight slouchy look to it which makes it wearable with every outfit. I’m a fan of big handbags because you can carry your life around with you and fill it up when you go shopping! I got this bag when I worked in magazines and it went everywhere with me, to fashion shows, beauty launches, store openings, and client meetings. It’s a classic and timeless bag that transcends trends and will be my arm candy for my lifetime….” – @theeditbutton

“….the bag that means something to me is the bag that brings back lots of positive emotions. I think this would be my very first designer bag, it was a gift from my husband. He got me this beautiful Burberry bag during our holiday in Spain. It was such an amazing surprise ! This was about 20 years ago and I was wearing it all the time with pretty much everything. Right now it’s in a box as it’s not in great shape anymore. Now and again I love to take it out of the box and bring back all those amazing memories….”  – @venswife

“….I always love to treat myself to a luxury purchase to celebrate an occasion. As I have just finished my masters degree, I thought there was no better time for an early graduation present to myself. I chose the YSL uptown clutch. This bag is a timeless piece with the classic gold hardware on beautiful grained black leather. It can be used in the day to glam up any look, but also at night to perfectly pair with a cocktail dress. I already know this will become my most used designer handbag….” – @ultrasophisticate

“….I guess you could say my love affair with Mulberry bags started way back in 2010. I’d just landed my first proper job in London after finishing University and I wanted to mark the occasion with something special. Now, some people may have gone out for a few drinks to celebrate a new job. But I decided to treat myself to a bag I’d lusted after for months. And that was this plum Bayswater. It was definitely love at first sight when I spotted this limited-edition colour in their Bond Street store. 

It was the most amount of money I’d ever spent in one go before. And it took all of about three seconds to decide that this is EXACTLY what I should be doing with that first month’s pay. And do you know what? I still love that bag just as much today. This bag brought me and continues to bring me, so much joy. I still love the colour and the fact that it reminds me of being young and carefree with what felt like my whole life in front of me. Although I’ve since added to my collection, I continued to use this bag consistently for years. And although it’s starting to lose its shape, it holds so much sentimental value that I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to get rid of it….” – @merrymusing

“….for me, a handbag is the face of a woman and also a business card. Often I start my look with a bag and then match the rest to suit. The bag is the main thing in the look….” – @monchanvre

“….handbags have always had a special place in my heart. As a child, dressing up in my mother’s things was all fun and games until I found handbags – the only piece of an adult’s wardrobe that would actually fit. My mother loves the theatre. We were lucky enough to go a lot when we were young, which meant getting dressed up. My first handbag love was because of this. A black satin bag with a faux feather trim. I saw it as the most elegant thing I owned. Back then, it would only hold my tamagotchi and PEZ for interval snacking. But classic bags never go out of style. Something I owned as a child still remains a staple in my wardrobe. Now, filled with lipsticks, half-read books and loose change, it still fills me with as much joy as it did back then. But this satin, faux feather bag is something for special occasions, for every other event I turn to BagButler. That’s why being able to rent bags is so exciting. We can find new love, for a lower price, and for those occasions when our all-time bag isn’t quite fitting….” – @florriealexander

To share your own memories please get in touch.

We are all ears and we are listening.

Warm Wishes,

Tina x

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