Handbags.. The 5 reasons we love them!

Why do we all love handbags so much? What is the enduring appeal of the receptacle we carry around with us wherever we go?  More than any other single item of our attire including shoes, handbags are the accessory that many of us spend most money on, give most thought to and aspire most to collecting or even investing in. While most people do not dress head to toe in designer, least of all every day, many of us will regularly carry or desire to carry a luxury handbag. The big fashion houses make the most of the pull we feel to their accessories and often it is the handbags that ‘carry’ the brand since couture and designer dressing is reserved for a small minority of customers.

At BagButler we think we know a thing or two about handbags and have come to a greater understanding of their popularity because of the communications we have with our regular clients. In order of importance, we have noticed that the enduring appeal of handbags is for the following 5 reasons.

1. An instant fashion statement.

Whether its to do with style or colour a handbag can give an immediate uplift to almost any outfit. A good bag (and shoes) will define your loo and whether you are interested in such things or not. If you want to be remembered for your fashion sense and your style these are the two things to focus on because that’s what others will notice first and remember.

2. A status symbol.

For some, carrying a luxury handbag says something about who we are. Luxury goods and handbags are considered to be signs of success, sophistication and wealth either actual or aspired. In some circles they are a sort of code for high social status and communicate our expectations to others …no words required.

3. A functional necessity.

All of us feel the need to carry a certain amount of ‘stuff’ around with us and although we would be the first to admit that some of the BagButler styles are too tiny to hold very much, it is none the less, important to at least be able to transport essentials such as keys and phones. The more organised among us love a big bag with compartments… a place for everything and everything in its place. How better to feel super-efficient and ready for anything throughout the day!

4. For emotional reasons.

Handbags and their appeal are a surprisingly emotional subject. Some of us have fond memories of our mother’s handbag and if this was a particular classic such as a Chanel flap bag, we might be keen to carry the very same style or in some cases the actual handbag. This can clearly work in the opposite direction and rebelling against anything our parents represented via a different aesthetic is also an emotional response. Others feel very emotionally attached to a handbag given as a gift for a special occasion such as big birthday, graduation or wedding and will treasure the piece for ever even if it is not in regular use.

5. An investment.

Some handbag lovers buy using the word investment as a way of justifying a purchase. We would agree that if you buy a classic well-made bag that you really love and will use a lot for many years, on a cost per wear basis such purchases are often worth it and end up being better value overall than several cheaper bags.

There are other buyers though who collect special edition and luxury pieces with a view to seeing the values increase. As an example, Chanel produce a small number of collectible minaudieres which are usually evening bags in novelty shapes. A current example is a pink camper van in Plexi glass and enamel. Other popular shapes have been fabricated in the shape of the No 5 perfume bottle. The price points for these are higher than the classic styles. There are customers who will buy these without any intention of using them preferring instead to collate a collection to release onto the market at a later stage with a return on the original price. The handbag investment market is fuelled partly by the difficulty in acquiring certain styles and colours from the brands and also recently by price increases that have made the secondary market buoyant along with successful marketing by the top auction houses.

Whatever the reason handbags it seems are here to stay and even with the condensing of our lives onto our phones we still feel we want to carry something beautiful, functional, meaningful or ideally all three. We are here for all things handbags and as well as renting the styles that work for special events we can also help with purchasing and sourcing wish list handbags and provide advice regarding authenticity and sales.

Bon Courage!


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