Happy Birthday to us! BagButler is 1

This week we celebrate our first anniversary and what a year it has been. Despite all the months of lockdown when frankly no one needed to rent or even use a designer handbag, there have been so many highlights. 

Here are a few:

We launched to coincide with fashion season and soon were loaning out bags for shoots at some of the shows which was very exciting indeed.  

We were proud to have been voted best accessory rental company by Condé Nast Traveller and over the year have appeared in Platinum Magazine and recently in Grazia.  

Significantly, we have also been asked to collaborate with My Wardrobe HQ. This means we now offer BagButler luxury rental items on the MWHQ  platform as well as through our own site. This is a partnership which we are delighted to have and enjoy being in contact with like-minded people who know that renting more and buying less will be better for us all and the world in which we live in. 

We have made friends with fabulous and creative people and enjoyed some great times on photoshoots both before lockdown and again once things eased a little. 

We have also purchased new stock including two of the highly desirable Dior Bobby bags. Some people have been surprised to learn that we buy our stock in the same way and at the same stores as a regular customer. For us this is the only way to guarantee the full authenticity of our stock and also means we can choose from the very best available and use our knowledge to select the styles and colourways we know are going to be popular for more than a couple of weeks. 

BagButler stock has graced christenings and weddings, when there were such things, and we once provided an emergency rental of two Chanel bags to a very special customer at very short notice one very wet day last autumn. Our lips are sealed. 

And lastly, for all you Strictly fans…… very recently, we excitingly loaned some bags and jewellery to Dianne Buswell and are so thrilled that @esgstyle asked us to help with props. At the time of writing, the final images have not yet been released but we know they will be amazing, not to mention fun! 

So it has been quite a year. Challenging and unpredictable. However, we are not complaining. We have survived and flourished. 

Warm wishes and happy renting.  

Tina x 

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