What’s In Our Bag?

Well it depends on the size of the bag of course. Here are ours based on our love of bags that you absolutely can’t fit the kitchen sink in:

? Payment cards and cash

? Keys. No chunky keyrings here, we like to keep it simple

? Phone, although it never makes it into the bag

? Tissues. We are currently experimenting with old fashioned cotton handkerchiefs. Ours are from a vintage linen seller (often these are still found boxed and unused but, in any event, they can be laundered to hygienic perfection). An uber luxurious equivalent is currently available from the Chanel Cruise collection. Whether we’d ever dare to use such a piece of fabric perfection is debatable.


?Hand cream. In order to reduce the use of plastic in even the smallest way instead of buying mini sizes, we suggest acquiring a small empty pot and decanting from a larger tube. Better still would be to find a zero-waste company which sells packaging free refills.


We have recently discovered Heavenly Organics who sell beautiful small zero waste hand balms which you can then buy refills for.


?Lipstick. For those emergency touch ups on the go, browse https://www.contentbeautywellbeing.com/ for refillable lip colours from Kjaer Weis.

?Mints / Gum. Always handy for a quick freshen up. With most gum being made of plastic (yes really!!) our chew of choice is by Simply Gum, which is biodegradable .


?Airpods. So many podcasts, so little time. Currently we are loving the “Feel Better Live More” series by everyone’s favourite wellbeing expert, Dr Rangan Chatterjee. 


What are YOUR handbag essentials? 

We’d love to know.

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