January Blues

As someone said to me recently, if COVID can reinvent itself then so can we. All we have to do is simply adopt some positive habits and practise them daily.

What better way to banish those January Blues than by starting a regime of healthy habits at the start of a brand-new year?! That glorious feeling of a blank slate, a fresh start, and a new determination to be our best selves. Finding out what works for us and then sticking with it. The exercises, the styles, the foods, the people, the routines that we have worked out make us, as individuals, feel good. Nothing more, nothing less.

As the new year dawns, the fashion industry continues to go through a much-needed reinvention. Making 2022 definitely the year to continue putting conscious consumerism into practise by joining those already choosing to borrow not buy.

It is a compelling offer – no pointless spending, no cleaning or maintenance, no finding storage space for things, no finding places to pass on unwanted things to, no resale platforms to manage, no guilt, no buyer’s remorse, just access to the looks you want when you want them with no strings attached. Efficient, easy, and elegantly simple.

If you haven’t yet rented from BagButler how about a new year fashion fling with the newest addition to our Dior collection?

An altogether new take on January Blues and available now for spring jaunts and perhaps as a reward to yourself for sticking to all those good intentions and positive habits 😉

Rent the New blue Dior starting from £139 for 4 days with each additional day costing you only £20 per day. 

PS We also have Bagbutler Gift Cards which are a perfect way to introduce friends and family to rental fashion by giving them the gift of self-expression minus the fashion waste or heavy price tag! ⁠

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