Looking to make Black Friday #Green?

Black Friday is upon us, the shops are shut but Christmas is now officially on! This year, we are offering our customers an amazing 25% off any rental on bookings made over the weekend. What better reason could there be to indulge in a spot of BagButler renting?

Here are a few of my current favourite rentals that would have me accessorised perfectly for the season ahead… 

I love walking but I do not love being cold so I would wrap up warm in our navy Louis Vuitton shawl. It is a blend of silk and wool and feels very luxurious, catches the light beautifully and as it is 142cms square, it wraps properly around my shoulders and down my back inside my coat. I would choose the blue one as I personally love the combination of black and navy so I could also use this as an evening wrap with a black dress. 

Normally £65 for seven days, the Black Friday price is £48.75. 

My next choice would be our little Black Matelassé leather bag by Miu Miu. There is nothing about this bag I do not like. The workmanship is superb, the metal work is of a very high quality and it reminds me that, as Leonardo da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  

As part of our black Friday event, this will be available for around £9 a day on a week’s rental which I reckon by anyone’s standard is good value on a bag with a retail value of £1,350. 

On the subject of bags and let’s face it, this is a subject I am rarely not “on”, I would also select a little something for New Year’s Eve. Because, why not?!  

To tie in with my fondness for black and navy I am going for our Roger Vivier clutch in navy satin with a black lace overlay. 

In my opinion, Roger Vivier make the best clutch bags and the embellishments are like pieces of jewellery in their own right. This one would work perfectly with the navy Louis Vuitton shawl and a simple black outfit. The retail price of this bag is a not so insignificant £966. Since I don’t get to use a clutch very often, to me the normal rental price of £90 for one week is a good option. The Black Friday price is an even more tempting £67.50. 

I was going to leave it there and then realised our Chanel dice necklace would be the ideal final flourish.  

It would be perfect with the other items I have selected, taking me through Christmas and into 2021 with a lucky clover around my neck. Our regular rental rate is £100 for a week and the retail value is £1,310. For this weekend you can add it to your basket for £75 and love it for a whole week. 

We like to make our rentals an attainable option as well as a sustainable one. I hope that if you have heard about fashion rental and wondered what it was all about, you might be tempted to take the first steps into this wonderful world of dressing up without any of the over spending or over consuming.  

A consideration… the four items I have selected have a combined retail price of £4,031. But by renting these during the Black Friday weekend you can book these out for only £254.25 for a week of your choosing. In addition to this, shipping is free! free! free! so you can enjoy all these for the equivalent of £36.32 a day and then send them back knowing you have taken a step towards being a more conscious consumer!  ♻️ 

Warm Wishes,

Tina x

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