Loving The Crown but feeling regally challenged?

If you love The Crown you are in good company because so do we. From a story telling perspective it is possibly as close to the mark as one can get, after all no one really knows about the veracity of it all other than those directly involved. 

For us though we are keen on keeping it light during these dark days of lockdown and stationing our eyes firmly on the fashion which seems to be strategically employed to blur the line between fact and fiction.

What fun it must have been for the wardrobe department getting all those fabrics, garments and jewels together. One smallish thing that didn’t escape the BagButler eagle eyes was the cabochon bracelet worn by Gillian Anderson playing Margaret Thatcher. Love her or loath her you have to admire her consistent style, perfectly turned out at all times even when dolloping out the toad in a hole and lest we forget…. the gravy!!  

And before I forget, isn’t it strange how appealing patterned jumpers have become and how we are all now experts in decoding the messages behind the royal outfits?! Not to mention the name of the restaurant where Camilla and Diana apparently had lunch, even though it seems this took place after the wedding and not after the engagement. 

To continue on the Crown mania and keep you in the mood if you have binge watched the whole series we suggest playing dress up with our right royal essentials edit ?  
Give the ladies of the bed chamber the night awff and delve into the BagButler royal box of regal delights. 

The Queen – Pearls and Silk scarves 

Pearls have always been a royal staple. Ours aren’t real but they are really pretty. 

Silk scarves are absolutely synonymous with the Queen and we love them too for their designs and their lustrous feel. Tie them under the chin like Her Majesty or around the back like the hardworking Princess Anne. 

Princess Anne – Hard Working Accessories 

Leather shoulder bag to stash essentials as you gallop back to the castle. 

The Princess and the Prime Minister 

Forthright and bold accessories for whichever Margaret style you aspire to. We will let you work out which is which! 

Princess Diana 

Lady Dior bags… this utterly timeless essential was named the lady Dior after one was given to the Princess by Madame Chirac in 1995. 

The clothes in the show are certainly there to win our votes, even when the characters don’t deserve them. As Harold Wilson says to the Queen, early in this series: “Everything is political.” And some things really don’t change.  

Share your favourite outfit moments with us in the comment section below… 

Warm Wishes,

Tina x

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