Navigating Event Season the easy way!

Event season is in full swing and while these words may conjure up all sorts of dilemmas regarding dress codes and weather irregularities, we would like to offer a simple and chic way to navigate the season from June to September.

So firstly, a couple of don’ts.

  • Avoid the floral dress. Best kept now for a garden get together at a friend’s, the floral dress has all but had its day and no longer seems ‘event worthy’ enough for more formal occasions such as a wedding.
  • Do not buy something on the hurry up that you are unlikely to wear again. This is a waste, will take up valuable wardrobe space and will not make you feel good.
  • Don’t play it safe with a black bag.
  • Don’t overlook the power of a great pair of earrings.

Instead of floral opt for more tailored pieces that can be restyled according to the event, the weather and which part of the season we are in. A tailored suit in a great colour or a pale neutral such as cream will always look good in photos. A trouser suit with wide leg trousers and heels looks especially chic now and of course the trousers can be worn with or without the jacket and with contrasting or tonal tops and silk shirts. If you a more of a one-piece dresser then the jump suit is your friend and can work just as well as a full-on suit. Again, a plain but luxury fabric in either a celebratory or muted colour feels right for now. Both these routes will take you to other events and places without the need to buy again. Plus tailoring can be effortlessly adapted to autumn and winter styling and beyond.

Buying something in a hurry is always stressful and often a mistake so advance planning is a must. Even better would be to avoid buying altogether. The rental option is now pretty mainstream and the offering much more varied than a few years ago. Quite possibly your favourite brands provide their own rental service so it is worth hunting round their websites as curiously these services are not always that well signposted. Of course, the beauty of rental is that you get to send it back and let someone else worry about storage, cleaning and the like.

Once you have a great foundational outfit such as a suit, the world of accessorizing is your oyster.

This is where, in our opinion the fun begins and the tone is set. Great accessories really can lift a look from the quotidian to the stellar. The opposite is also true and a bad bag or the wrong shoes can kill an otherwise great outfit stone dead. Black accessories although often the automatic safe choice are not always and forever the right answer. Like everyone we love a black bag and we rent out more black than any other colour. The classic black Chanel bag is definitely iconic and we use them a lot but with a vibrant suit in the summer there are more interesting ideas. A lilac with red or orange for example or a navy with green look fresher and more contemporary and if it is rented this can also be returned to sender. (BagButler hopefully 😊)

With regard other accessories we always recommend a thought about earrings. Probably nothing can take you from daily life to event mode faster. The difference between pairing discreet studs to shoulder duster earrings with any outfit cannot be overstated and will often be the thing that people choose to compliment you on. For inspiration take a peek at our selection of rental earrings all of which are noteworthy and gorgeous.

Link to rent/buy our accessories!

Event season like the summer is short lived so it makes sense to enjoy it and not get bogged down in overthinking outfits when you could be having fun. We hope our simple ideas will help!

Bon Courage!


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