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Pack Light – the summer trend you need to adopt!

…because luggage is so last season.

Travelling with lots of luggage is hard work, expensive and unnecessary. Instead, consider these simple ideas on how you can pack light yet stay stylish.

Women carrying loads of designer luggage while travelling for work or on holidays.


Re-wearing is perfectly acceptable. Let’s face it if it is good enough for the Princess of Wales it is probably good enough for the rest of us. Who needs a different dress and shoes for each night you are away? If something looks good, it looks good twice.  

Rent & have sent

Depending on where you are travelling, renting at least some of your holiday wardrobe locally may be an option. Otherwise, a UK wardrobe concierge may be able to send you pieces while you are away. Once worn the pieces can be returned by post or courier. If you are holidaying in, or travelling within, the UK for a wedding or other event, know that we regularly send handbags to front desks and concierge teams eliminating the need to pack several handbags which not only take up real estate space in your case but also risk being squashed. No one wants a squashed handbag. 

Wondering how to pack or carry multiple designer handbags while travelling light?

Cut down on the beauty ‘essentials’  

Common sense but don’t take full-size beauty products with you. Check to see what will be provided at your hotel and only take what you absolutely cannot do without. Save any gift with purchase sizes for holiday times and buy sun care at your destination gifting any remaining product to fellow sunseekers. 

Read and rotate

If you like your beach reads to be proper paper books have them delivered to your hotel and then when they are finished donate to reception for others to enjoy. No need to lug them in your luggage.   

Learn from experience  

However much or little you take away with you this year make a mental note of how many things you didn’t wear or need so that next time you can edit down further aiming always for a hand luggage or bust attitude. Think of the washing and dry cleaning you won’t need to do when you get back and remember the idea that the more you know the less you need. 

Pack light like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Tiegen and other celebs with BagButler

Are you a chronic over-packer? Did this give you some actionable tips to cure your affliction? Let us know in the comments, and drop any other tips to pack light and stay chic this summer…


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