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BagButler are a luxury handbag and accessories rental brand based in the UK. BagButler have curated a selection of luxury designer handbags and accessories, perfect to rent for a range of occasions.

The idea for BagButler came when founder and self-proclaimed handbag lover, Tina, found herself constantly searching out the handbags of other commuters whilst travelling the crowded trains into London every day. The volume of different brands, designers and styles she spotted each day made her begin to question her own consumer habits. Did she really need to own everything in her wardrobe? How often did she honestly wear the things in there?

She considered the cost per wear, not so much in terms of money, but to the environment. Then came her lightbulb moment, “We rent property, cars, wedding outfits and so why not handbags and accessories?”

Seeing the success of the fashion rental model in the USA and with the increase of conversations surrounding sustainability finding themselves into the mainstream media in the UK, she began to purchase the BagButler inventory.

BagButler now hold over 60 pieces from brands such as Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, including a special ‘Vintage Collection’ with items purchased directly from vintage jewellery experts in the UK.

BagButler are now focused on creating a community of customers who appreciate the craftsmanship of designer products and the necessity for a more sustainable consumption model.

Why Should We Rent?

UK charity Wrap (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) estimate that the value of unused clothing in wardrobes is around £30 billion, whilst £140 million worth of clothing goes to landfill each year. Figures like this highlight a key area for change in our consumption habits and the way we view clothes. Renting provides a solution where customers can enjoy beautiful pieces with less impact on their wallet and most importantly the planet.

How it Works

Renting an item from BagButler couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve found the perfect designer accessory to complete your outfit, all you have to do is select your rental period, make your payment and wait for our courier to deliver to you. Once your accessory arrives, your rental period starts, and you get to show off your perfectly accessorised outfit. On the last day of your rental, it's time to drop your BagButler items to the most convenient DHL drop off point, all details of which are sent to you by email the day before.


"Hello, I am Tina, founder of BagButler and a true handbag lover. Early last year, I found myself at a turning point in my life and the health I’d taken for granted was under deep scrutiny. Yes, I could have turned to yoga or healthier eating, but it was handbags that saved the day."

BagButler was dreamt up and founded by Tina Lipfriend. Having previously owned her own antiques shop in London, Tina is no stranger to sourcing and curating beautiful pieces.

More recently, Tina’s attention had turned to charity work, helping causes within the UK. Finding out in 2018 that her health was compromised, Tina was forced to give up this work.

BagButler allows Tina to tie her love of handbags and accessories with a desire to raise awareness about the impact of fashion on the environment, whilst also helping a cause close to her heart.

Charity of the Year

Against Breast Cancer https://www.againstbreastcancer.org.uk/

BagButler will give 5% of all profits to the charity and facilitate bra recycling. Customers will be invited to send us unwanted clean bras in the box when they return their rental items. These will be sent onto Against Breast Cancer.

Benefits of the Charity:

  1. Raises funds for UK based research into the secondary spread of breast cancer (£700 per tonne of bras)
  2. Prevents bras going to landfill
  3. Helps support businesses in Africa and gives old bras a new lease on life


  1. What Products Do You Have?
    • Designer Handbags
    • Designer Jewellery
    • Vintage Designer Jewellery
    • Designer Scarves and Shawls
  2. What Brands Do You Cover?
    • Chanel
    • Louis Vuitton
    • Chloe
    • Dior
    • Jimmy Choo
    • Miu Miu
    • Roger Vivier
    • Strathberry
    • Tiffany
    • Givenchy
    • Marni
  3. What Is The Minimum Rental Period?
    • Our minimum rental period is 7 days.

  4. What Is The Maximum Rental Period?
    • You can rent for a maximum of 28 days, unless by special arrangement.

  5. What Condition Are Your Items In?
    • All items are in excellent condition. They have all been bought brand new by us, in either London or Paris.

  6. Do You Ship Internationally?
    • No. Currently we only ship to the UK only.

  7. How Much Do You Charge For Delivery?
    • Nothing! With us it’s free P & P.

  8. Do You Take a Deposit For Each Rental?
    • Yes, as our items are of high value, we take a deposit in the unlikely event that one of our items is damaged, in the same way that one pays a deposit when hiring a car or renting an apartment.


Founder: Tina Lipfriend – fashion@bagbutler.co.uk
Instagram: @bagbutler.ldn

Public Relations: Amanda Woodland-Ferrari – amanda@amandaferrari.co.uk

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