Reasons To Get Renting

Let’s Rent! It’s the greener way to enjoy fashion, save money and stay stylish! 

There is a buzz about fashion rental at the moment. Exciting research by Mintel shows that a whopping 54% of 16-24 year olds and 33% of UK consumers overall are prepared to try renting fashion. That is a lot of people and the number is growing. 

So, if you are wondering what it is all about here are the 3 simple reasons why in our words, “it makes sense to rent”. 

1). Sustainability

Concerns about the impact of fashion on the environment are real. Wrap UK has estimated that £140 million of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year. By renting, consumers are getting a great fashion fix while taking part in the circular economy. The number of times an item is used is increased and therefore the amount of waste is reduced. On top of this, designer pieces will go on to another life after their rental career is over.

Jasmine Hemsley in rented Stella McCartney dress. 

2). Saving £££

Another fabulous reason to rent is that we get to wear pieces that might otherwise be beyond any sensible budget. With Chanel handbags now mostly starting at above £3,000 and rising why not enjoy one now and again for a fraction of this cost?

Priyanka Chopra Jonas in rented Chanel suit and handbag. 

3). Style

Our hunger for trends and novelty is insatiable. We are just programmed that way so fighting it is largely futile. Fulfilling that must have part of our brain does not need to involve a purchase though. Renting is a step up from ‘swishing’ with friends or plundering the hidden depths of your own wardrobe. It offers the opportunity to embrace the new and sometimes the bold in a stylish way that is both easy and fun.  

Kate Tikhomirova with rented Gold Chanel Bag. 

Seriously, we’ve done research, we’ve crunched the numbers and we know… “it makes sense to rent.” 

Best Wishes,

Tina x

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