Silk Scarves

Inspired by our enduring obsession with THE CROWN, here is the BB guide to that most regal accessory, the silk square because as Audrey said, “when I wear a silk scarf I feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.”

Folded into a long thin rectangle and tied loosely around the neck, or as a triangle draped around the shoulders, a silk square adds elegance, colour and simply ups the style stakes. Of course for the full on ladylike and lovely look, tie below the chin and keep your hair ‘Grace’fully in place, sunglasses optional.

Tying a silk scarf to a bag either tied around the handle or in a floppy bow, instantly adds a personal touch and should you ever need the ultimate sling, look again to scarf icon Grace Kelly for inspiration.

A good silk scarf in lustrous, silk twill drapes wonderfully and is fairly crease resistant. We like ours to have handstitched rolled edges. It’s a painstaking, nimble fingered process but a detail we always notice.

At BagButler, our textiles are professionally cleaned between hires and photoshoots but this isn’t necessary with your own scarves. How then to look after your silks so that they last a lifetime? Here are a couple of BB tips to caring for your own precious silks:

  1. When you remove your scarf, lay it out on a bed and allow it to rest for a few hours. It’s worked hard for you and now needs a rest. Resting allows the silk to relax back into perfect shape.

  2. To store a scarf, fold into quarters and store in a box or drawer with a bar of old fashioned hard soap. This prevents mustiness and prolongs time between dry cleaning, a purse and planet bonus. Our favourite is anything by Nesti Dante.
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