Something Borrowed

Something vintage, something new, something rented, something blue and a six pence in your shoe with love from BagButler...

Image: Carrie Johnson in rented wedding dress with Boris Johnson
Photo Credit: Evening Standard

So, what did you think of Carrie renting her dress this time last year? Personally, I thought she looked stunning and was so excited to see a hugely public endorsement of fashion rental. Quite suddenly it feels that rental is no longer considered just a trend. 

Going all out like Carrie and renting your wedding dress may not work for everyone but adding in a few chosen rented accessories definitely can be. Either way, fashion rental is here to stay, officially cool and a valid way to reduce consumption. Slowly but surely, we are releasing the need to ‘own’ so much stuff. 

If I were to be getting married again, I know exactly what I would do. Like Carrie, I too would rent a dress. Definitely. It really is a wear once affair and for me, a photograph would serve perfectly as a reminder of the chosen one. I would also borrow our vintage blue Givenchy earrings. They are so wonderfully, wonderfully pretty. Besides they would provide me with something old, something blue and something borrowed in one delicate, elegant and efficient statement.

Continuing with the old rhyme, my new item would have to be my shoes. I simply have no faith in my ability to rent the right size. Besides, and being frank, whilst I am the real deal in terms of reducing my acquisition of new clothes and accessories, for me shoes are just not something I see myself renting any time soon.  

Sticking an old sixpence inside my shoe would remain part of my ritual and I have a small supply of those tucked away somewhere. I am ever optimistic that I will not only make my own Christmas pudding but remember to hide some lucky sixpences in it. As I write though, the sun is shining and the fragrance of cut grass is telling me that Christmas is a long way away. And so, for all brides renting from us this season, I will include a complimentary sixpence with your rental for you to hide wherever you decide. And if by Christmas I have run out of my stash of sixpences I will always have my original one. 

Enjoy your rentals and remember that we love seeing where you take them.  

Warm wishes, 
Tina x

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