Spring & Elegance – London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt, that elegant dressing is back on the agenda this spring. Partly as a rebound (still) from pandemic dressing and more likely, because it is tough out there. As we always say when the going gets tough the tough get dressed…up!

Here is our take on what this means for us with just five items, or seven if you count the accessories, and at BB we absolutely count the accessories. Always count the accessories 😊

A skirt
One takeaway from the street style at London Fashion Week is that the denim maxi skirt is back and is going to be very popular this summer. So embrace the skirt and specifically the not-too-tight medium-length pencil skirt in black or off-white/neutral.  

A knit
For the day, (by which we mean your average stylish weekday kind of a day), style the skirt with a cashmere knit and make it either black or burgundy now and a clean bright yellow in a few weeks.

There could be room for a little negotiation here in that statement, multi-coloured, cleverly constructed knits, do seem quite prevalent. But a statement knit is one of those ‘when you’ve seen it you’ve seen it’ garments. You can go off these quite quickly; thus, we favour the plain variety. For us, style and fashion are long-term commitment things.

A silky shirt
For the evening, swap out the knit for a silky shirt, perhaps in midnight blue or black to go with the off-white skirt.  A dark top with a pale bottom half equals instant style. Or an ivory silk top to wear with a black skirt.

A gorgeous cocooning wrap
Chilly is for water bottles not for elegance and a warm wrap is both elegant and practical. Keeping to the above colour pallet opt for either burgundy or yellow.

Shoes, not boots. That’s the law!
These go with everything as seen demonstrated by Anna Wintour.

And the vital finishing touches, which let’s be honest can make it or break it….. a necklace and a handbag. Maybe a watch?

The necklace
The necklace has to be a strand of pearls worn with a serving of left-bank nonchalance. Translation. Keep them long and let them do their own thing tucked in or out. Ours are by Dior

The Handbag
The Chanel classic double flap in black caviar leather is the wear with anything elevating accessory. It is the bag everyone knows and everyone covets. Find it below chez BagButler, to rent or to buy. Yes, you read that right. We rent. We love
, love, love rental. It is our passion. And we also sell.

Wishing you an elegant start to spring 🌸


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