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So, given that fashion rental makes sense on so many levels here is how we offer rental and keep it fun and attainable as well as simple and sustainable! 


We carry the most current collection of Chanel and Dior bags. These are our most popular rentals and product placement items.  

For example, we were able to uniquely offer the Dior Bobby bag in two iterations within days of the UK launch along with our pale grey chevron Chanel flap bag and Dior Book Tote. We do not carry tired and dated stock just because it has a certain label or to increase the number of items we hold. 


Have you noticed how often the word ‘curated’ is used?  

At BagButler, we mean it! We own all of our stock. We have specifically chosen each item on its merits rather than be at the mercy of what a third party is able to offer us. Our choices of course relate to colour, style and desirability but also durability. We want our items to last a long time and to look good for their entire lifespan even after they have been retired from our inventory.  

For this reason, we will resist certain fabrics, colours and finishes however gorgeous. Much as I would love to offer you a white fluffy flap bag I won’t on durability and hygiene grounds. Ditto an ultra-matte white Dior saddle on the basis that a brush up against a dark denim would most likely ruin the special matte finish and consign the bag to that place I want no BagButler item to end up in a landfill. Such is our relationship with key accessory and handbag retail experts that we get sound advice on what to buy and why.  


We regularly liaise with and monitor others in this market place both in the UK and abroad in order to stay agile and up to date with best practice.  
BagButler shares not just fashion but information for the benefit of the industry. This is particularly relevant in areas relating to counterfeit fashion and ID data management. Our current methods are sound but we are also investigating even more user-friendly ways of improving our ID checking process. On a more creative note, we are also lucky enough to be invited to some fabulous events and private viewings although alas COVID has put paid to that side of the business for the time being. 

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We ensure that renting from us is as accessible as possible by keeping our prices and our security deposit as low as is feasible and return these deposits as soon as the item arrives back with us.  

However, top designer handbags are a real cost investment and the rental price has to reflect this. So, we keep it as low as we can, we don’t charge for shipping and the second week’s rental is priced lower than the first.  

The retail price today of a leather Chanel mini flap bag is £3,220. It is quite likely that an item of this value would also need to be added to a household insurance policy and so the cost of ownership here is further increased. The BagButler rental fee including all shipping is £140 for 4 days and every additional day costs only £20. To be able to have a bag like this for a fortnight at less than 10% of the retail price, we think is pretty good value ??‍♀️  

Perfect if designer handbags are your thing or if you want to add an amazing finishing touch for a one-of-a-kind special event or to add a luxury element to an otherwise run of the mill week.  


Right from the get-go our website was designed to be as clean looking and as user-friendly as possible.  

We wanted our customers to be able to plan ahead with their rentals so getting our calendar system right became and still is an obsession. You might be surprised if you knew how often we relook at and discuss our booking system.  

If you want to rent something for a special occasion you need to know that the item will be available to you so we run a calendar that lets you book your rentals up to a year in advance. 


BagButler rentals are sent out by courier for next day delivery with our bespoke dust bags and security tags. Everything is carefully packed to be a joy to open because we feel that should be part of the process. Returns are easy too using the label we provide and a link to a convenient parcel drop off point meaning you don’t need to wait in. This also gives you the option of using a drop off point near to work or home or even a UK holiday destination. 


For charitable reasons we encourage our customers to send us clean, unwanted bras back in the box with their return rental. It is such an easy way to have a minor clear out without any hassle or expense and do some good at the same time. We then pass these on to Against Breast Cancer who do brilliant things with them such as raise funds and create jobs. 

We really like hearing from handbag enthusiasts, fashion students, customers and stylists and take any comments seriously as we want to be the best at what we do. 

Don’t take our word for it… 

In addition to a very positive press/media response to our business here is what some of our customers say –  

What did you think of our service?  
✔️“BagButler was the first site I clicked on. When I saw that you had the bag [I wanted] available for the week I needed it for and for a very decent price I was very pleased.” 

What did you like about our BagButler processes?  
✔️“Customer service.”  
✔️“I’m loving the bag, and will definitely be renting more from you in the near future.” 
✔️“First time and definitely not my last”. 

Would you rent from us again?  
✔️“Of course!” 

Now you know what we think we do well, we would love to hear what you think we could do better so please do send us an email.  

The best things in life are free and we like to think that the next  
best are rented! 

Warm Wishes,

Tina x

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