The BagButler Guide to Wardrobe Decluttering.

Spring is in the air. How about a bit of decluttering?

When your home is filled with clutter, attempting to tackle a mountain of stuff can be quite overwhelming.

So, here’s our advice: pick a day when you have a bit of time, start with five minutes. Baby steps are key! Without a doubt five minutes will barely make a dent in your mountain, but it’s a start!

Can we just say, you do need to be in the mood for a real declutter though and feel decisive.

Right here goes.

Strap yourself in. You can thank us later.

Get some bags or boxes ready for charity and recycling donations.

Start with the tops. Literally get all your tops, t-shirts, blouses, shirts, jumpers, hoodies and put them all on the bed.

Try them on.   All of them.    One by one.

Assess each one and deal with it there and then. No deferring allowed. Ask yourself the following:

Do I like it?   Does it like me?   Does it fit me?   Do I wear it?

Then if the item is a keeper, put it away tidily and properly. Straight away following the one by one rule.

If the answer is no to even one of these questions, off the item goes to the waiting charity or textile recycling bag.

Proceed in this manner until there is nothing left on the bed.

Depending on how long this has taken, how much time you have, and your sense of satisfaction, leave it there and book out another chunk of time to move onto the next section.

When the time is right, move on to trousers, jeans, leggings and skirts.

Follow the same protocol for tops making sure there are no deferments and each item is dealt with to completion before picking up the next.

The chances are if you have dealt with tops and trousers, you will have worked your way through the bulk of your wardrobe.

Next up are dresses – day dresses, evening dresses, anytime dresses.

Same method, same questions and same response system.

Resist the urge to keep things that are for a life you no longer live. Did you attend a lot of very formal functions and needed cocktail dresses? Has your life now moved in a different direction? If so, let the dresses go and keep the wardrobe relevant to now.

Coats and jackets must now be addressed and again tried on and dealt with one by one.

Hang up those that still work for you and you wear and send the rest off to one of the bags or boxes.

Shoes come next and can be time consuming depending of course on how many you have.

The thing here is that every pair must be tried on, assessed for comfort (ha!), condition and function and whether you like them.

Clean each pair properly. Buff, brush, polish and shine and then again put them away.

We still find it works best if this whole process is done on a pair by pair basis. By now things in your wardrobe will be looking really good and it’s easy to tackle scarves, hats, gloves and gym wear.

Once you have worked your way like this through, every garment and accessory you own and dealt with and those that can be repurposed or recycled, have been. Our recommendation is to also empty your underwear drawer and go through the exact same system here.

A little plug in at this point to tell you that at BagButler, we can help with the recycling of any unwanted or unused clean bras which we collect up from customers on behalf of our charity partner Against Breast Cancer.

Please do email us for details.

It is estimated that in the UK, every woman has 10 bras that she doesn’t wear. That’s a lot of bras and a lot of space being taken up with things we don’t need to store.

Having completed a wardrobe overhaul, it is now very easy to see where the gaps are and more importantly to better enjoy what you already have.

We don’t need to increase our goods as much as we need to scale down our wants. It’s very satisfying to get dressed from an orderly and uncluttered space. Furthermore, it is now simple to take everything out again and clean the wardrobe interior.

This may seem arduous. You may have read countless guides to decluttering.

We’re suggesting you declutter those declutter books and follow this simple guide. We know it works.

The thing is to take it section by section and then deal with each item one by one to completion every time before moving on to the next. That way you don’t ever get into a situation where you’ve got huge heaps of clothes all over the place and you’ve run out of time and energy.

Lastly ask yourself, does it make you feel confident? Does it make you happy? Only keep those items that do!

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