The Étoile Danseuse Choker

I have an eclectic taste in jewellery. Always have had. I adore the “real” pieces I own all of which have been gifts, including recently, a Roman gold and garnet pendant dating from between 1st and 3rd Century AD. I find great joy in handling ancient items. In the world as we currently experience it, I also find these objects reassuring.  There is something about all those that have used the items before me. However, and it is a big however, I am also forever excited by the lure of bolder modern costume jewellery. 

Delicate pieces are all well and good but nothing elevates your mood or refreshes your look more than a pair of statement earrings or a piece of chunky chain jewellery. 

Just before lockdown, I added the Dior Étoile Danseuse Choker to the BagButler collection and we literally all want to wear it all the time! I like to think this could also be a piece worn by many for a very long period of time. 

Credit: Ultrasophisticate
Credit: Daily Mail UK

Ultrasophisticate and Ashley Roberts show how to wear this with style but trust me it is just as good with pyjamas! 

£50 for 7 day hire, second week only £33. 

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