The Lady Dior Bag

This is not just a handbag. It is a canvas for Dior appointed artists to reimagine. It is the subject of exhibitions and film placements and it is the most emblematic item to emerge from the House of Dior.

“Fashion comes from a dream and dreams are an escape” said Christian Dior and inspired by this quote we thought we might indulge in a touch of luxury fashion escapism.

We know you adore the Lady Dior bag and so here we share a few facts about this “here to stay” handbag icon along with some dreamy images.

The Lady Dior as we now call her was first seen in 1994 when Gianfranco Ferré was creative director of the House of Dior. It was originally named “chouchou,” a delightful French term of endearment.

In September 1995 a black “chochou” with gold toned metalwork was presented as a gift to Princess Diana by Madame Chirac, the wife of the then French president. The Princess was visiting Paris to attend the grand opening of the Cézanne Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Overnight the bag became a Christian Dior must have. Princess Diana loved the bag and is said to have ordered it in many colours.  It was quickly renamed (with her blessing) the Lady Dior bag.

25 years later the Lady Dior bag is still on every handbag addict’s wish list and it is why it was one of the first designer handbags to make it onto the BagButler fashion rental platform.

The Lady Dior bag is painstakingly crafted in Italy close to Florence.

Each bag is composed of 144 separate pieces and it takes 7 artisans 8 hours to complete each luxurious handbag which is formed by hand on wooden moulds.

As well as the iconic structured shape of the Lady Dior bag there are other distinctive elements that reference the Dior code and heritage. No detail is there just by chance.

The padded leather, or other chosen material such as satin or tweed, is stitched in what is known as a cannage pattern. This crisscross design hails from the cane seats on chairs from Christian Dior’s private apartment. Dior used versions of these chairs for guests of his fashion shows.

The metalwork, whether it be in gold, silver or a matte finish, includes eyelets, rivets and those delectable charms. Christian Dior was a superstitious man who loved lucky charms and so paying homage to this mood, the Lady Dior comes with charm letters spelling out D.I.O.R.  These are arranged in such a way as to appear like the number “8”, which was Christian Dior’s lucky number.

Today the Lady Dior comes in a variety of sizes and finishes.  It also features a detachable strap enabling it to be worn as a shoulder or cross body bag as well as, at its most elegant, a handbag like no other.

It’s loved by Royalty and celebrities the world over and is one of the few bags which works with everything, be it an evening gown or denim.

The Lady Dior bag will always have a place at BagButler.

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