The Rule of 6 – Handbags for Every Post-Lockdown Occasion

Break your ‘at-home style’ rut with these refreshing spring must-have handbags by making them a part of your wardrobe right now! 

This time, last year, we unknowingly entered into what would become more than 12 months of almost staying at home which also welcomed a forceful change to our lifestyle and wardrobe. We drastically switched from polished office wear outfits to not-so-polished sweatsuits and loungewear. 

This spring however, feels different! A feeling of hope and optimism has emerged. And at BagButler, my team and I are definitively channelling that positivity into our clothing, accessories and of course, our HANDBAGS!

If you cast your eyes around you will notice eclectic handbags are having a comeback moment. For me of course it has never been away. If, over lockdown you have cleared out your bag cupboard and are now on the hunt for something new you might like to see how six of our favourite bags have been rented and styled for the great outdoors…

  1. Perfect for a friend’s out of town wedding:

2. Striding out in search of coffee and a park bench to soak up the morning light:

Chanel Pink Chevron Mini Flap handbag

3. Staycation sightseeing the stylish way:

4. Finally hitting the shops:

5. A bracing country walk but making it fashion:

6. Not working from home and back with a bang! 

Over the next few weeks, we have some exciting things to share including some fabulous additions to our inventory and the launch of a very special project so do keep your eyes peeled. We are looking forward to welcoming more of you to BagButler. Until then, Ready, Steady, Rent!

Best wishes, 

Tina Lipfriend 

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