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Three back to school habits to groove as the new academic year gets underway… 

It has been a long few months in politics and education but finally we are getting back to a bit of what we used to think of as normal, so this week we are giving you some back to school vibes and handing this blog over to Tilly who loves to plan ahead. 

  1. Get organised

I love back to school shopping. New stationary, sorting out all my folders, making sure my notes are in order, and of course ensuring that my workspace is clean and tidy. Recently I’ve been trying out a Bullet Journal. If you haven’t already tried this method of keeping on top of homework and all those other ‘necessities’ check out “How to Bullet Plan” by Rachel Wilkerson Miller…

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…It does take a bit of time to set your journal up, but so worth it. I am using mine to track and keep on top of my reading in French as well as everything else.  

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If you don’t wear a school uniform another helpful thing is to sort your wardrobe out, donate anything you don’t wear to friends and charities and then plan your outfits. This saves time in the morning giving you a few extra minutes in bed which is always a good idea!  I think it’s nice to keep it simple and then add accessories to jazz it up.  

2. To do list

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I love lists. I will make a list at any given opportunity and I find them very useful to get things in order and set out my aims for the day. It also helps to structure the day and reduces time-wasting giving me more time to chat with friends J You can write a list in a Bullet Journal or on anything really. It’s just about not forgetting anything and enjoying ticking off all your achievements.  

  1. Eat well

Over recent years there has been more and more evidence to suggest that our diet affects our mental wellbeing as well as our physical wellbeing. This is something I am going to be learning more about next year. I am particular about breakfast and like to make sure I start my day off with a nutritious breakfast. I start all of my school mornings with a smoothie packed full of berries and seeds, made the night before. Recently I have also been enjoying a bowl of Megan Rossi’s Bio&Me granola with some yoghurt. In short, eating well will ensure that you’re thinking well.   

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My very berry smoothie recipe:  

Makes around 5-8 glasses and will keep in the fridge for a few days  

  • 400g of yoghurt  
  • 300ml milk (any) 
  • 1 frozen banana  
  • 250g of mixed frozen berries  
  • 110g of porridge oats  
  • 2tbps of ground flaxseeds  

Let’s hope now that we’re back to school, we’re going to stay at school! 

Best Wishes,  

Tilly x 

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