Tina’s favourite bag of the moment

I’m lucky as I have access to the whole BagButler inventory so am spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting my favourite bag of the season. Also of course, as I selected and bought them all, I love them all. 

So, which one would I reach for as my go to bag for the next few weeks? 

Speedy Bandolière 25 I choose you! 

I am being a little bit practical here as I’m thinking about those extra things I need to carry with me at the moment. You know the drill. Hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes for emergencies and a spare mask and also gloves, just in case. I also like to make sure I always have a shopping bag with me and favour those that pack up into a little pouch and are sold by supermarkets. They are light, small and washable and therefore, in my view, perfect.

With all this in mind and echoing the earthy and natural colours of autumn I am choosing the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. The BagButler Speedy 25 is the Bandolière version which was launched in 2011. Unlike the basic Speedy 25 it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, giving a cross body option. I love this bag for the hardiness of its design and craftsmanship. The Speedy in the 25 size was released in 1959 after Audrey Hepburn requested a smaller size of the original larger version, so it has definitely stood the test of time. 

It is one of the bags I would always want to have available for our BagButler clients as it fits so well into the try before you buy category. Living with a bag and using it for a week is such a great way of working out whether it really has a place in your wardrobe.  This is one of the many reasons renting is now trending. Many of us are making more considered purchases and by renting first you get to really test your desire to purchase. But I digress…. Back to the beautiful Speedy! I wouldn’t take this bag to the opera or the theatre but as they are sadly closed that’s not a problem. I would however take this to my local Everyman cinema, (my kind of outing), out for lunch or a casual dinner and generally for running errands. 

As well as my COVID kit, I always take the following things with me.  

My paper diary, my notebook, pen case, phone, keys, dog treats, and my purple velvet double sided pencil case which I use instead of a wallet. 

Last week I wrote about being stylish. My pencil case is not stylish and people are surprised when I get it out to access my cards etc. but it works for me and makes transferring between bags very simple. I keep my cards in one side and my lip salve etc. in the other.

To complete the look, I would select the two Louis Vuitton bracelets which I’d wear on the same wrist and probably the beige LV shawl to keep out the seasonal chills and ills. 

Autumn is sorted. 

Warm wishes and happy renting! 

Tina x 

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