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Last week BagButler were asked to help a final year student, Anna, who is studying International Fashion Business and because of her “…passion for sustainable initiatives in the fashion industry….” is writing her dissertation on the luxury fashion rental market in the UK.  She wanted us to answer some interesting questions about the rental sector and to provide some high-quality images of the luxury handbags and accessories we specialise in. Naturally we were delighted to assist and look forward to reading the completed dissertation in due course.

This is a growing sector in the UK and it is a very exciting time to be in the fashion business. We are all assessing what we spend and where we spend it and it is heartening to know that fashion enthusiasts from all age groups are embracing the rental market.  Anna’s questions have prompted us to set down what we at BagButler believe to be the benefits of renting designer fashion.

At BagButler we believe it “Makes sense to rent”…

  1. …when you want to enjoy top designer names for a fraction of the retail price. Chanel handbags for example are beautifully made and highly desirable items which retail at thousands of pounds. BagButler holds an unrivalled selection of Chanel handbags which we rent out at around 5% of the retail value. This includes our stunning pyramid bag from the Metiers d’Art collection 2019. This was one of Karl Lagerfeld’s final collections for the House of Chanel.

2 …when you are looking for just the right bag or accessory to compliment an outfit for a job interview, special occasion or an event, but won’t need to use it again.  The perfect wedding ensemble accessories can all be rented, relished and then returned whilst still making the photos stunning and memories great.

3 …when you want an instant style upgrade.  It is easy to focus exclusively on finding the perfect dress and then skimp on the handbag or jewellery. Conversely, we feel quite a modestly acquired dress can be enhanced enormously with craftsmen made covetable handbags and jewellery. At BagButler we believe it really is the accessories that pull a look together. A plain black jacket is elevated beyond recognition with a Dior Saddle bag over the shoulder or a Chanel brooch on the lapel.

4 …when you want to “Wow” with something no one else will have. Sometimes the only way is vintage. Wearing something vintage is a very special experience and a great ecological choice. It is why we have a small but highly selected range of one of a kind vintage jewellery pieces. Where else will you find a green tourmaline 1959 Dior collar/necklace and be able to wear it for a one off event without the cost of ownership?

5 …when your passion is fashion and yet you want to be sustainable. Renting pieces is the perfect answer to this dilemma. There is no need to add to the immense and worrying problem of fashion waste. Instead you can rent and enjoy luxury items knowing that they will be looked after and used again by many others easily fulfilling the #30 wears campaign and never ending up in landfill.

6 …when you want to select your fashion accessories in an easy and edited way without trawling through many sites and shops. Rental allows you to browse different designers and styles very easily. At BagButler we have deliberately chosen to keep a very tightly curated inventory of luxury items as we truly subscribe to the notion that too much choice is overwhelming and overrated.

7…when you want to give a bag or new look a whirl before deciding whether to invest yourself. Renting allows you the chance to experience the latest bag or accessory for a short time so that you can then decide if you really do want to spend the money and own your own.

8 …when you don’t have much storage space and yet still want to ring the changes with your look. Fashion rental is now being seen by a growing number of style savvy consumers and VIPs as an extension of their wardrobe. Why bother to maintain and store bulky costly items when there are others that can do this job for you and economically too!

9 …when you need a top drawer handbag or accessory to help add gravitas or authenticity to advertising images or theatre productions. We have assisted couture brands, influencers and models requiring short term use of the top designer brands in order to enhance their profiles and images. It is hard to overestimate the visual impact of the Chanel and Dior logos.

Whether your reasons are around style, sustainability or saving money, fashion rental is making more sense every day …even in the unprecedented times in which we find ourselves. Life has changed and it suddenly seems impossible to know if an event will actually take place in the season you thought it would. BagButler has been lucky in Lockdown. We have been able to remain open. Obviously like everyone else we have had to work differently but we are a great team. We have been agile with our presence and still able to offer our beautiful, fully authentic designer pieces on a rent and return basis in order to provide a very flexible and customer friendly service.

The short answer to the question about the benefits of fashion rental is that there are no downsides. It just makes sense to rent. And we hope you will agree it makes sense to rent from BagButler.

Here is a reminder of how we do things at BagButler:

? Our pledge is to offer our customers the very best, most considered handbags and accessories in the most affordable and sustainable way we can.

? We will continue to listen to feedback and engage personally with our followers.

? We offer a price match guarantee taking in to account comparable rental periods and delivery charges, which are complimentary with BagButler.

? We provide recyclable cardboard packaging and recyclable bespoke dust bags which are laundered and reused many times.

? We do not charge membership or subscription charges.

? We will only stock fully authenticated items that we have sourced ourselves.

? All our bags and accessories are professionally maintained and are in mint condition.

? We will never offer items on behalf of third parties, so that we can maintain an across the board standard of condition, pedigree and age.

? We will continue to update our services, products and payment methods to ensure we are always accessible and relevant to our customers.

Fashion is often about the new and the novel and we love this aspect of our business but our real passion is more old fashioned – it’s all about service and style, which as we all know is what really counts, today perhaps more than ever.

With best wishes,

Team BagButler

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